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NWO Mass Medication - Nose spray to stop drunks and brawls

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A NASAL spray to stop men boozing too much or fighting could be developed after a scientific breakthrough.It would deter fellas from acting aggressively and impulsively - including acts such as cheating and gambling.The hope comes after scientists at two top British universities discovered the mechanism behind a chemical that can prevent men from behaving badly.Treatment - as a nasal spray or tablet - would regulate levels of it to ensure they stayed moderate to high.The revelation follows a decade of research on the neurotransmitter gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA).For the latest study, researchers at Cardiff University's Brain Imaging Research Imaging Centre and University College London performed brain imaging scans on males under 30 to monitor GABA levels.The subjects then completed questionnaires on different aspects of impulsiveness and self-control.Those with lower GABA levels in the prefrontal cortex were more likely to act rashly.The findings contradicts theories that self-control is all that is needed to beat impulsive thoughts.The research did not investigate women as no link has been shown between GABA and the female brain.Study leader Dr Frederic Boy said: "The ability to regulate our behaviour in response to a physical and social world is key to adapted life."Researchers stressed that studies were in the early stages and further similar trials were needed. But the "cure" could be developed in the next ten years.Source

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