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Sweden worked with NSA on hacking

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Sweden's National Defence Radio Establishment (FRA) has worked together with US Intelligence agency NSA to hack computers in order to monitor what people type on their keyboards. That's according to documents handed to Swedish Television's investigative programme Uppdrag Granskning by the American whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The documents show how the FRA and the NSA have engaged in hundreds of hacking attacks together. It's unclear who has been targeted.

"The documents show that the FRA and the NSA have worked intimately with what is commonly known as hacking. That is, they have hacked computers in order to get passwords and to monitor what people write to each other," Uppdrag Granskning's reporter Fredrik Laurin told Swedish Radio News.

The leaked documents also show how the FRA has access to the NSA's wide-reaching surveillance database Xkeyscore. It is a database that stores huge amounts of data on what internet users do on the internet, their browsing history and even emails.

"The FRA are currently implementing the Xkeyscore system. It can be described as Google for spies. It's a search engine created by the NSA to browse through their collected data," says Laurin.

The Green Party's military spokesperson, Peter Rådberg, was outraged by the news and called for clearer and tougher laws on how the FRA operates. 

"It's clear that what they're doing is illegal. They are not allowed to engage in any hacking activities. We have suspected this for a while, and now it's been confirmed. It's appalling," Rådbberg told Swedish Radio News.

The FRA has not commented on the information.


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