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Talk For Food 248: Secret Exchange Program to Planet Serpo

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While news stories trumpet a "new era" in space travel with the recent launch of a new Orion Spacecraft that may take astronauts to the moon or Mars, an under-documented history of America uncovers a program that not only involved a group of carefully selected American military personnel traveling to another planet, but one beyond our star system.

To add to this amazing story, a group of 12 Americans departed in 1965, with 7 returning in 1978. The mission is documented in a book, Secret Journey to Planet Serpo: A True Story of Interplanetary Travel, by Len Kasten.

Kasten is author of numerous articles that were published in Atlantis Rising magazine. The book is an anthology of articles he wrote on the secret space mission, which was first compiled and published on SERPO.ORG.

According to SERPO.ORG, information on this mission first surfaced in November 2005, by a retired senior official inside the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), who was simply known as "Anonymous".

On a two-hour shuttle bus ride from Laughlin to Las Vegas, the author listened to Bill Ryan, original creator of the SERPO.ORG describe the information that Anonymous had begun releasing.

In this episode Adam talks with the author about the mission, the book, and the history of pre-existing and ongoing involvement with extraterrestrial civilizations by the military.

For more information, visit:
Secret Journey to Planet Serpo
Atlantis Rising Magazine
The Zeta Reticuli Exchange Program

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