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ACTA Lives: How the EU & Canada Are Using CETA as Backdoor Mechanism To Revive ACTA

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Last week, the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly to reject ACTA, striking a major blow to the hopes of supporters who envisioned a landmark agreement that would set a new standard for intellectual property rights enforcement. The European Commission, which negotiates trade deals such as ACTA on behalf of the European Union, has vowed to revive the badly damaged agreement. Its most high-profile move has been to ask the European Court of Justice to rule on ACTA's compatibility with fundamental European freedoms with the hope that a favourable ruling could allow the European Parliament to reconsider the issue.

While the court referral has attracted the lion share of attention, my weekly technology law column (Toronto Star version, homepage version) reports that there is an alternate secret strategy in which Canada plays a key role. According to recently leaked documents, the EU plans to use the Canada - EU Trade Agreement (CETA), which is nearing its final stages of negotiation, as a backdoor mechanism to implement the ACTA provisions......Read all


Higgs-Boson Unbound - Rap News 14 (feat. Prof Scott Ridley)

E-mail Print PDF Juice Rap News: Episode 14 - Waiting for the Godot Particle. This civilisation's grand quest for ultimate meaning has taken a giant leap towards its epic conclusion. In the latest prequel to humanity's journey to inner-space, scientists at the CERN laboratory announce that they have unlocked one of the key strands in the origin of Life, The Universe and Everything: 42 years on from its coining, the Higgs Boson particle has possibly been detected at the Large Hadron Collider. So what does it all mean? How does it feel to meet our Massters? Is this the font of all wisdom? Does it anti-matter that Scientists make use of 'ComicSans', the font of all evil? Is anyone conCERNed about the MASS amount of Higgslarious Pun-upmanship Colliding in the twittersphere? Join Robert Foster as he takes a journalistic journey into this particular world, and meets a colourful character, Professor Scott Ridley, a scientist from CERN laboratories. Get your Boson!.....


Roswell UFO Was Not Of This Earth And There Were ET Cadavers: Ex-CIA Agent Says

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Happy anniversary, Roswell, N.M. It was 65 years ago today that the Roswell Daily Record blasted an infamous headline claiming local military officials had captured a flying saucer on a nearby ranch. And now, a former CIA agent says it really happened."It was not a damn weather balloon -- it was what it was billed when people first reported it," said Chase Brandon, a 35-year CIA veteran. "It was a craft that clearly did not come from this planet, it crashed and I don't doubt for a second that the use of the word 'remains' and 'cadavers' was exactly what people were talking about."Brandon served as an undercover, covert operations officer in the agency's Clandestine Service for 25 years, where he was assigned missions in international terrorism, counterinsurgency, global narcotics trafficking and weapons smuggling. He spent his final 10 years of CIA service on the director's staff as the agency's first official liaison to the entertainment and publication industries. It was during this time, in the mid-1990s, that he walked into a special section of CIA headquarters in Langley, Va., called the Historical Intelligence Collection....Read more


Acta: Controversial anti-piracy agreement rejected by EU

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Member of European Parliament holds sign reading "Hello democracy, goodbye Acta"

The European Parliament has voted to reject the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (Acta).The proposed agreement sought to curb piracy, but internet campaigners said it posed a threat to online freedoms.The rejection vote followed a failed attempt to postpone the decision because of ongoing investigations into Acta by the European Court of Justice.Euro MP David Martin said: "It's time to give [Acta] its last rites."Twenty two EU member states, including the UK, had signed the Acta treaty - but it had not been formally ratified.Outside the EU, the treaty also had the support of the US, Australia, Canada, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Singapore and South Korea.However, following significant protests, several countries chose not to back the treaty.Wednesday's vote is seen by most observers as the final blow to the treaty in its current form. It means no member states will be able to join the agreement.A total of 478 MEPs voted against the deal, with 39 in favour. There were 165 abstentions....Read all


French police search Nicolas Sarkozy home and office

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File image of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy
Police have carried out searches of the home and offices of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy as part of a campaign financing probe. A law firm in which Mr Sarkozy owns shares was also searched, reports say.The investigation is related to allegations that Mr Sarkozy's 2007 presidential election campaign received illegal donations from France's richest woman, Liliane Bettencourt.Mr Sarkozy has previously denied all wrongdoing.He is currently in Canada with his family, his lawyer, Thierry Herzog, told the AFP news agency....Read article

Portal Discovered On Baltic Object 2012 HD

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Published on Jun 29, 2012

What we know so far:

All electronic equipment failing within 200 meters of the object, possible EMP shielding device.Completely circular plate-like exterior, 180 metres in circumference.Portal or Hatch on top of the object which leads inside the annomoly.Object is 200ft accross mushroom shaped comprising a thick pillar rising 8 metres out of the seabed with a 4 metre thick dome on top (like a mushroom shape) -- rising a total of 12 metres (approx 40 feet) high above the surrounding seabed.....


UFO Parked On Illinois Highway (US) - June 10, 2012

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Perhaps it's more of a UPO (Unidentified Parked Object) than an actual UFO, but it looks a hell of a lot like one to me....any ideas???"CHAMPAIGN CO. - A mysterious truckload moved through central Illinois this weekend.The large object spent time at a rest stop along I-57 near Pesotum in Champaign County.State Police blocked off the entrance and wouldn't let drivers pull in. Troopers wouldn't say what is behind the white wrapping.All we know is they were in charge of escorting the load, which is being carried by Diamond Heavy Haul Inc."


In Russia Police Obeys You

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For more information on this video visit:


India unblocks The Pirate Bay and other sharing sites

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Members of a hacking group, Anonymous India, wear Guy Fawkes masks as they protest against Indian government enacted laws that gives it power to censor different aspects of Internet usage, in Mumbai Activists argued that the original internet legislation amounted to censorship.Web users in India are once again able to access video and file-sharing sites, including The Pirate Bay.The country's Madras High Court has changed its earlier censorship order which centred on the issue of internet copyright.The original ruling made Indian internet service providers (ISPs) block access to entire sites to prevent a single film from being shared online.The new order was issued following an appeal filed by a consortium of ISPs.It states that only specific web addresses - URLs - carrying the pirated content should be blocked, but not the entire website....Read article

The Julian Assange Show: Rafael Correa (E6)

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This week, Julian Assange talks to the President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa. Correa is a left wing populist who has changed the face of Ecuador. But unlike his predecessors he holds a Ph.D. in economics. According to US embassy cables, Correa is the most popular President in Ecuador's democratic history. But in 2010 he was taken hostage in an attempted coup d'etat. He blames the coup attempt on corrupt media and has launched a controversial counter-offensive. Correa says the media defines what reforms are possible. Assange tries to figure out is Ecuadorian president justified and what is his vision for Latin America.

Published on May 22, 2012 by


Mercury crater mysteriously resembles Mickey Mouse

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Forget Pluto, a hidden Mickey Mouse lives on Mercury. A NASA spacecraft has captured a spectacular photo of Mercury craters arranged in a shape that looks just like Disney's iconic cartoon mouse.The photo comes from NASA's Messenger spacecraft in orbit around Mercury and shows a giant crater topped with two smaller impact basins to create the recognizable shape."The shadowing helps define the striking 'Mickey Mouse' resemblance, created by the accumulation of craters over Mercury's long geologic history," Messenger mission scientists explained in an image description on Friday (June 15)....Read article


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