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Beyond these Qlipoths or downfalls you find the true Initiate, the Perseus of the tale. The process is generally one seeks to discover the meaning to life and what happens after death. They approach religion or a belief system since that has been deemed the way you discover such things. When truly seeking one encounters other worldly forces and seeks to know their origin. Later one discovers they are coming from within. The Seeker then witnesses the power from within rather than externally and comes to the conclusion that God is within and God and Human is one in the same. The Seeker then further identifies positive and negative forces that reside within his or her own mind, body, and soul. The Seeker then works to bring these energies in to balance. While doing this the Seeker discovers there are in fact not only "Gods" but other Entities they are yet to identify. This begins the Astralquest of self discovery which is the Path of all Paths. We will not bring you mere conjecture and unconfirmed half truths, we will bring you the deepest knowledge of NOW. Join me your Host Sevan and The Panel for a riveting eye opening episode of the 2012 Show in which we uncover the innerworkings of the Matrix and the hidden codes that make up its hyperdimensional construct. It has began. iDisclose*SizZKJ85hwvgVJ8xYzsBSMY88FeZi5EzEy7NThAx4rwpPjMfRyQJZTefPyFZmyAKSu/controlling_the_matrix_resistance2010.jpeg


Sevan of 21.04.12

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Hour 2: & 3: Sevan of joins us once again for a 2 hour light speed discussion about reality, kundalini, meditation and takes us beyond the very fabric of time and space itself.




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Listen to internet radio with Esoteric Radio on Blog Talk Radio

Join us this Sunday as we rip the veil asunder with some of the most secretive knowledge in our current existence. This will be a show that all listeners with grow from. Wholeness and Balance Vibrations. Topics Discussed: Top tips for activation. The Dream World, what and where is it? Involution - The destinations of Soul Force Advanced Beings, where they live and why. The fallout of Holy War. The Illuminates Eastern/Easter Origin.

The Four Noble Truths - Day 1 & 2 - New Delhi 2012 His Holiness the Dalai Lama March 23-24, 2012

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The first day of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's two day teaching on the four noble truths given in New Delhi, India, on March 23-24, 2012. ( program was organized by the Foundation for Universal Responsibility of His Holiness the Dalai Lama based in New Delhi (

click read more button for part 2....


Fuck It - The Ultimate Spiritual Way

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Saying Fuck It is like massage for the mind Relaxing you, releasing tension, giving up on things that arent working. John C. Parkin argues that saying Fuck It is a spiritual act:That it is the perfect western expression of the eastern ideas of letting go, giving up and finding real freedom by realising that things dont matter so much (if at all).
This is The Fuck It Way.
It works very simply: if youre feeling stressed about something, say Fuck It you feel instantly better.


Astrology Forecast for March 21, 2012

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"With every new breath I start a new life, within the Dark I discover the Light." Welcome the Equinox! Equal night and day, dark and light! As we emerge from the male (light) dominated patriarchy to honor the suppressed feminine (dark) principle within and without we must face the wounds that need healing. As the feminine feeling nature within each of us has been denied the masculine too has suffered. As we evolve toward union may we come together through mutual understanding and compassion.


2012 Mayan Prophecy & Doomsday - NOT to Fear!

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2012 is NOT the end of the world. It is NOT doomsday. If you do not repent, you will not burn in hell. There will not be a pole shift or a comet striking earth. If you are afraid of 2012, watch this video. There is nothing to be afraid of....


What is going to happen in 2012?

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Will the world end on this date? A time of transition and change towards truth coming to the people. Solar flares and how they effect the earth and humanity. Tools for how to work with this energy and what it means to you. Look within your own self to see what that truth is.


Good News... with a Catch

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Tosen shares his ideas on the end of the Old System and the growth of the New System. He also discusses making your stay here on earth important and meaningful, including his views on the relationship between your physical life and your afterlife.


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