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Open Minds

ET Abductee: Hyperdimensional predatory species is threat to humanity

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ET Abductee: "Transhumanist" hyperdimensional predatory species is threat to humanity


Timothy Good - Hour 1 - Earth: An Alien Enterprise

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October 7, 2013
Worldwide research, interviewing key witnesses and discussing the subject with astronauts, military and intelligence specialists, pilots, politicians and scientists, has established Timothy Good as a leading authority on UFOs and the alien presence. Timothy Good has lectured at universities, schools, and at many organizations. In January 1989, following the dissolution of the Soviet empire, he became the first UFO researcher from the west to be interviewed on Russian television. He was invited for discussions at the Pentagon in 1998, and at the headquarters of the French Air Force in 2002. He has also acted as consultant for several U.S. Congress investigations. He returns to discuss his latest book, Earth: An Alien Enterprise: The Shocking Truth Behind the Greatest Cover-Up in Human History. We'll discuss the book that tells the story of contact between aliens and humans from all across the globe, dating back to 1932, including meetings with military personnel and American presidents such as Eisenhower and Kennedy. In the second hour, we'll discuss the story of a former member of MI6 who revealed her conversation with Neil Armstrong at a NASA conference, when he confirmed that there were "other" spacecraft on the Moon when Apollo 11 landed in 1969. Armstrong also confirmed that the CIA was behind the cover-up. Timothy also talks about the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev who revealed that "the president of Russia is given a special top secret folder [that] in its entirety contains information about aliens who have visited our planet. Along with this, the president is given a report of the Special Service that exercises control over aliens in our country. I will not tell you how many of them are among us because it may cause panic."

Relevant links
Dmitry Medvedev muses on aliens and Vladimir Putin's lateness
Alien invasion confirmed by Russian PM
Mass Contacts


Rauni Kilde MD: There is no death; We are not alone in the universe; God is Love

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Rauni Kilde MD: There is no death; We are not alone in the universe; God is Love
VANCOUVER, BC -- In a wide-ranging interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Rauni Kilde MD, former Surgeon General of Finland explored key role that awareness plays in creating a positive future, especially in the inter-related areas of the human Afterlife, documented in her best-selling book "There is no Death"; interaction with Extraterrestrials, whom Dr. Kilde described from her personal experience with a species of extraterrestrials as interested positive evolution of humanity as a less developed species, and the Transhumanist Agenda of implants, electromagnetic and scalar mind control.


Microchip Implants, Mind Control, & Cybernetics
By Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, MD, Former Chief Medical Officer of Finland


Talk For Food 234 - MicroGardening and the Ongoing UFO Coverup

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Ah, San Francisco, City by the Bay. Adam brings you some of the sounds from the streets of San Francisco, captured during his summer road trip of 2013. This one is from Golden Gate Park; a soothing, melodic piece, performed in duet by anonymous musicians on alto saxophone and electric guitar.

He couldn't remember the name, but it's likely that you will recognize the melody; a jazz classic, wonderfully and simply performed.

Then meet in another part of town we meet Phil Weiner, CEO of EarthStarter, Inc., whose Nourishmat™ product is fueling the evolution a a new term in food; i.e., microgardening.

The Nourishmat system puts legs under EarthStarter's mission, as evidenced in their slogan, to stimulate "Rethinking Backyards Everywhere."

Looking something like yoga mats, each Nourishmat rolls out into a predesigned size, such as 4' x 6'. One surface has a printed template, which guides the user in seed placement.


Neil Kramer - Hour 1 - The Journey of Divine Will & The Path of the Introvert

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September 25, 2013
Neil Kramer is a British philosopher and teacher specializing in the fields of consciousness, metaphysics, and mysticism. From 2006 to 2011, Kramer published essays, writings, audio interviews, and videos on his blog "The Cleaver." In May 2012, his book "The Unfoldment" was published. In the first hour, Neil explains his philosophy of authentic living and examining what's important. We'll discuss the importance of being self directed in a polarized "machine culture," forcing us to choose between the mind or the heart. He elaborates on divine will and explains why society denies it. Those not exercising divine will become spellbound, subservient subjects. We also discuss the importance of the introspective, introverted lifestyle. In the member's hour, we discuss further what happens to a society when divine will is suppressed. Neil speaks more on the contemplative, introverted lifestyle and living between the external and internal worlds. The hour ends on connecting to our core essence and bringing about divine will.


Bases Project Update 007 with Michael Prince

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The bases project update 007 with James Casbolt and John Urwin, and a round up of events, and the end of involvement with Ammach. Dateline is mid August.Michael Prince was shot, as it is claimed, soon after the Super Soldier Summit.
A series of scandals and rumours broke out, and this EXCLUSIVE interview gives his side of the story. A DULCE alien base "holographic" type camoflage.Casbolt coming to John Urwin to learn "The Machine".
All as it happened in mid August 2013


The Astrology of September 2013 and More

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I take a closer look at the Star Tetrahedron and its effects and explain why September is a uniquely important turning point for individuals and the world.


David Icke - Hour 1 - The People’s Voice & Perception Absolutism

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August 12, 2013
British author and speaker David Icke has written 20 books and traveled to over 55 countries. His books reveal how a hidden hand is behind world-changing events like the attacks of 9/11 and the manufactured wars in the Middle East, as part of a mass mind manipulation technique he has dubbed problem-reaction-solution. While being controversial and often heavily attacked, David Icke has driven on with his unrelentless investigation into subject areas that others don't dare touch. He returns to talk about the new media channel "The People's Voice" and his upcoming book "The Perception Deception." In the first hour, we discuss the current media climate and the diverse voices and opinions that exist. He shares his inspiration for starting a new media channel and what he sees it developing into. In the second hour, he speaks about his upcoming book and the false science which most people let define their reality. We talk about how most people live in a virtual reality. They reject information by reflex reaction. The rulers are trying to create predictable collectivists who all behave the same. Later, David discusses the source of creativity and mentions that people such as Leonardo Da Vinci & Giordano Bruno were not ahead of their time, but beyond time. We end the discussion on internet censorship in the UK and why this approach will fail.


The Astrology of August 2013

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This is the post I almost didn't get up. A heaping handful of astrological roadblocks interfered.

I explain more about prevailing vibes. And take a stab at explaining why I think August is a global economic turning point - a good one.

I also apologize for flying by the seat of my pants on this one. But let's face it, nobody really knows what's going on up there today. It's all more or less reasonable supposition.

This is one of those months when I would seriously recommend reading the cleaned up version on my blog, when it comes out.


In~Joy the Show 24/25 July 2013

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In today's show Judy and Brian are joined by Hope Moore of 'Fix the World', Lisa Harrison and Chris Hales of the 5D Media Network. Today's discussion focused on the feminine energy powerfully bursting forth at this time.

Humanity is in the midst of the great shift of the ages, prophesied and written about in many ancient text throughout the world. Our options now are to fall into the old paradigm of fear that brings pain, or the feel freedom of love that brings JOY.

Join hosts, Judy Jandora and Brian Kelly each week as they share their upbeat stories and laughter along with some well earned wisdom to help uplift your spirit,s as well as offer some tools to use in your daily lives.

BE In~Joy! You ARE LOVE!


Hundreds of Structures On Mars In Google Map, UFO Sighting News, July 2013

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I was looking over Google Mars to the right of Lonar crater when I found hundreds, maybe thousands of structures that are evenly spaced apart and metallic gold in appearance. When you measure the structures with Google Ruler, they are between 92-127 meters across their top. This is really unusual. The colors the metal of the structures give off is amazingly beautiful. If you want to find it you need to look between Gemini Scopuli crater and Lonar crater.


Scott C. Waring


Lonar Crater, Mars at:

73.21°N 321.73°W



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