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Open Minds

Dean Clifford - Hour 1 - Arrest, Victory & Natural Law

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April 4, 2013
Dean Clifford’s journey with unraveling the legal system and finding freedom started over a decade ago when the Canada Revenue Agency came after him for not filing taxes in which they demanded him to pay over 3 times his earning. This wasn’t acceptable with him and so he set out to find out how governments manage to force their policy onto the people with impunity. What he discovered was mind blowing. Since then, he has managed to correct his status and undo almost every deceitful contract he was originally tricked into. The CRA is still unable to prosecute him. Dean delivers seminars, conducts interviews and gives consultations about his discoveries and his lawful remedy in addition to his contracting business. He returns to detail his recent arrest in Canada where he was then held in a maximum security prison in solitary confinement for his political beliefs. He’ll explain how he was released without prosecution, proving his research and method to be true. Then, we’ll discuss the difference between natural law and artificial law. Dean talks about the importance of knowing your natural rights. In the second hour, we discuss our current government model system and the ridiculous notion that society cannot exist without government. We’ll discuss how government is our creation gone mad but buried underneath still exists natural law. At the end of the day there is only mankind, no government. Later, Dean deconstructs the biggest freeman myth, the idea that money is evil. The hour ends on the importance of you as an individual to counteract all lies, agendas and governments. Evil triumphs when good men do nothing. Dean talks about what is next in his case against Canada and their recent human rights violations against him. He’ll also address fear mongers and say why the U.S. won’t wage war on its people.

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The DNA Virus Rises

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Tosen expands the conversation on the technological reality. He introduces the factor underlying the chaos and violence in our world, a DNA retrovirus.


Sean David Morton interviews Andrew D. Basiago Gets Answers to What will Happen from Now to 2016

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Sean David Morton interviews Andrew D. Basiago Gets Answers to What will Happen from Now to 2016: RumormillNews

"Having heard other interviews with Andrew Basiago, I have to hand it to Sean David for pressing Basiago for concrete answers about the technology and various differences between several technologies he was introduced to and used going back to the 1960s. Yes, the 1960s!"

"The entire interview is engrossing and engaging. If you are looking for future predictions about our near to intermediate future, that portion is the last 20 minutes of the show beginning at the 1:00:00 time mark."...........


Matt Presti & Robert Otey - Hour 1 - Cosmology of Dr. Walter & Lao Russell

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March 28, 2013
Matt Presti and Robert Otey have teamed up to disseminate the cosmology of Dr. Walter and Lao Russell. Matt and Robert produced a video series explaining in great detail, the collective works of Dr. Walter and Lao Russell; specifically the final distillation of the science and philosophy as written in the book "Atomic Suicide." Walter Russell was an American polymath and a natural philosopher known for his unified theory in physics and cosmogony. Dr. Russell said that one of the best things to ever happen in his life was "being taken out of school before he was ruined," which allowed him to conceive his "knowing" within the light of Universal Mind (The Creator) directly. In the first hour, we’ll discuss Russellian science, which presents a new concept of the universe, one in unity with nature and the Creator. In the second hour, we delve into more detail on the principles of creation and the nature of our universe. Robert critiques the academic sciences, including quantum physics and the new age ideas which have sprung out of it. We’ll also hear about Frank Chester’s empirical research proving the validity of Russellian science. Later, we’ll discuss Walter Russell’s blueprint for a free energy device and his proposal to NORAD in the 1960’s. The hour ends on a discussion about psychopaths who uphold "explodemia science."


Scott Bartle - Hour 1 - Frequently Unanswered Questions of the "Australian Government"

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March 24, 2013
Scott Bartle joins us from Australia to discuss his film What The FUQ? - Frequently Unanswered Questions of the "Australian Government," a documentary questioning those, claiming government status, as to whether they really are government. Scott’s film follows the process of importing a 1959 Chevrolet Corvette as the Department of Transport blocks import, to the Department of Environment getting in the way. He’ll talk about what happened when "Customs" demanded GST and Luxury Car Tax. Scott talks about the bureaucratic nightmare he experienced, which led to his discovery of some pretty notable details as to whom he really was dealing with: two governments in Australia, one masquerading. In the second hour, we continue to discuss banks, laws and government. We interpret some aspects of loans, mortgages, money collection, true value and the process of the debt collector. Later, we’ll continue to discuss Scott’s journey in dealing with the entity posing as government and if they still are holding his car hostage.


Ammach in America Stan Romanek

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Ammach in America continues with Stan Romanek, at the International UFO Congress, at Fort McDowell, Phoenix, in March 2013. Interviewed with Ammach Founder Joanne Summerscales.Its important to note that Romanek mentions his effects on electronic equipment. During this shoot All Three Cameras kept Defocusing from Romanke, as if he was Not There.When I mentioned this fact on the first edit, a few moments later the entire edit was lost, loosing a whole day's edit time. After Re-editing, it took at least 5 hours to upload and "decode" in a Que at YouTube, who took another 3 to 4 hours just to come up with the Thumbnails for the video.


Pope Francis & Vatican False Flag Op? with Eduardo Elias (Argentina)

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Please see these articles for additional background:

1. Pope Francis: His Jesuitical, Extraterrestrial, "False Prophet", and Political Identities
By Alfred Lambremont Webre

2. Papa Francisco: Sus identidades jesuíticas, extraterrestres, de "Falso Profeta", y políticas
por Alfred Webre Lambremont, JD, MEd


Dianne Collins - QuantumThink & The End of the Great Divide

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March 20, 2013

Dianne Collins is a graduate in Philosophy and Psychology as well as a lifelong student of Siddha Yoga and an award-winning photographic artist. Dianne is the author of Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World. The book is part science, part philosophy, part spirituality. She’ll explain a new system of thinking that has us leap from the outdated “old world view” limits of the Industrial Age to begin thinking from the more up-to-date "new world view" of our current Quantum Age. Dianne speaks about what she calls “the end of the great divide” and how the so called consciousness crowd is unaware of how they keep the divide in place. Then, we’ll discuss what makes it difficult for us to move past the limits of our world view, causing us to fall back into mechanical reactions. Dianne will also talk about the observer effect and we discuss the possibility of unobserving reality. We’ll also question aspects of co-creation and what changes the tide in a new direction. Later, we talk about individual broadcasting and being aware of what we transmit.


Ross Hamilton, Jim Vieira & Hugh Newman - Hour 1 - Giants, Mound Builders & Etheric Energy

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March 17, 2013
In this roundtable discussion, we’ll talk about lost civilizations, mound builders and giants. In the second hour, we focus on etheric energy, enchantment of the landscape and reawakening the grid of the planet. Douglas Ross Hamilton is author of several books including The Mystery of the Serpent Mound, A Tradition of Giants, Wonders and Mysteries of the Great Serpent Mound, and his newest Star Mounds: Legacy of a Native American Mystery. He also volunteers at Serpent Mound as both interpreter and tour guide and has been studying the mysteries of the Ohio Valley earthworks for years, offering new ways to approach the earthwork studies. Hugh Newman is author of two books, the organiser of Megalithomania, and is an ancient mysteries and earth energies researcher. He has been studying and exploring the America's since 2007 in search of megaliths, mounds and the mysterious giant race once said to have existed there. Stonemason and historical detective, Jim Vieira’s research over the last 20 years has led him down a bizarre road of intrigue and mystery surrounding the races and built structures of Ancient America. Vieira has compiled thousands of accounts of giant skeleton reports as well as town and county histories to make the case that the history of our past has not only been deliberately covered up, but is vastly different then what we are told.


Ammach in America Bob Dean & Bob Brown

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The Ammach Project at the Open Minds IUFOC with veteran Robert O Dean, and the original Congress co-founder Bob Brown.Interviewed with Joanne Summerscales, Dean gives an account of the SHOC report on UFOs, in Europe, during the cold war.Bob Brown describes how he co founded the IUFOC with the late Wendelle Stevens and gives a unique insite into the Congress beginnings and the Billy Meier case, and how it was trashed by the two big US UFO organisations of the time, for nothing more than spite!Brilliant insghts and wonderful tales, from two of the greats in US ufology.Wonderful insights from veterans in the field, and the I-UFO-C


Talk For Food 228: The Infinite Power of Natural Law, Ralph Ring (Pt. 1)

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We love our technology. In fact, we define ourselves, as well as our culture and civilization, on the basis of technological advancements that appear as magic to the world of even 50 years ago. At the same time we've turned away from nature, all virtually all things natural, all at a dear price that many continue to play, but few seem to see.

Adam's guest, Ralph Ring, has embraced, explored, and realized that the gateway to the Infinite, is through alignment with Nature, not through Its suppression. Indeed, the suppression of Nature remains an unacknowledged problem for humanity which, fortunately, can be solved by opening our eyes and hearts.

Ring was part of one of the shortest, but most profound journeys into quantum possibility imaginable in the late-1950's, and early 1960's building with Otis T. Carr, a 45 ft. diameter disc craft that could safely transport its occupants from point A to point B at virtually the speed of thought. In fact, it succeeded in its first and only voyage, of a mere 10 miles......


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