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Environmental News

What's in the sky? - Dick Gregory talks about #Chemtrails

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This has excerpts from a Tavis Smiley interview and the State of the Black Union discussion with Dick Gregory. Do you know what's in our skies?

music : "Reprise" - (Soundtrack from the motion picture "Door in the Floor") Marcelo Zarvos

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Dying of the Trees, the Climate Engineering Nightmare Continues

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Geoengineering programs are destroying the planet’s life support systems, trees are dying around the globe. If this continues, we will follow. Forests in the Pacific Northwest are literally imploding which were thriving only a decade ago. So many people are completely blind to the die off. Trees are of immense importance, they are a symbol of our living planet. I can now scarcely bring myself to walk in the forest that surrounds my wilderness home, the pain of seeing the rapidly declining forest is overwhelming. The US population is so distracted with various activities, iPhones, sports programs, etc., that they do not perceive the world is literally dying around them. Global geoengineering is destroying the web of life on Earth faster than all other factors combined at this point. My most sincere thanks to the producer of this excellent 6 minute video below, Oliver Van. I hope all who view this will march forward with renewed motivation to expose and stop the insanity of global climate engineering. Dane Wigington


Ask yourself why? #Chemtrails

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Time-Lapse Video of Chemtrails; 4JAN2014

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Chemtrails, Geo-Engineering or Solar Radiation Management/SRM over Seattle, WA.

Here's a video of contrails that do not dissipate & appear to settle in a like cirrus clouds; how is that possible with water vapor at below freezing temperature? Taken on the 4th of January 2014.


The Pilot Forgot to Turn Off His Chemtrails While Landing. You Got to See This!

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