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Environmental News

A world wide ban on illegal Chemtrail spraying PETITION

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A world wide ban on illegal Chemtrail spraying

Sign Petition here:

Why this is important

Chemtrails are trails in the sky that expand to create a milky, artificial cover, after the airplane spraying them has passed. They contain aluminum sulfate nanoparticles, titanium, barium,bacteria, radioactive material, plasma according to Tom Bosco and Clifford Carnicom who have studied the fallout for more than 10 years. These agents cause respiratory diseases, heart damage, as well as, temporary loss of memory, headaches, disorientation.

The spraying is illegal according to international law and must be publicized and stopped.

Please take a moment right now to sign the petition and pass it on if this issue is important to you.


Jeff Rense & Dane Wigington - Geo Engineering Out Of Control

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Clip from December 02, 2013 - guest Dane Wigington on the Jeff Rense Program. Full program available in Archives at


Look Up! (10 min promo)

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This film trailer was just released by film maker George Barnes from the, he is really trying to help us raise awareness on the ever worsening geoengineering issue.
Hope all can help to expose George’s work, and thus expose geoenigneering.

Canada Forced To Answer Chemtrail Questions

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by ChemtrailShield

Canadian MP, Alex Atamanenko has confirmed that his presentation of a Chemtrails Petition in Parliament, will force the government to come up with official answers to legitimate citizen concerns.

Petition Extract:

"Aerial spraying is being carried out by aerial entities at high altitudes that create long-lasting plumes. They do not act as traditional aircraft condensation trails. This is being carried out without the knowledge of the people of Canada. The petitioners call upon the government to fully inform the people of Canada about this aerial activity occurring at high skies and to explain why it is taking place and also to cease this activity forthwith."

This is the result of the hard work and participation of almost 3,500 Canadians including Brian Holmes, Davoud Tohidy, Juscha Grunther et al.

Please also join the Criminal Lawsuit Campaign at: and support the all


Chemtrails above Halland Sweden 11/11/2013

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