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Environmental News

Chemtrails: The US Government Commits Chemical Assault Against Its Citizens

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By Michael Thomas | Natural Society

You have probably clicked on this article because of an interest in knowing more about chemtrails, geoengineering and other weather modification programs.

Please know that we are not here to debate the existence of chemtrails; only to terminate them … post haste. We find the current policy of spraying the skies of America, and many other nations around the world, to be an unlawful and flagrant assault against every inhabitant of Planet Earth.

We have also determined such a daily operation in our skies to be the clearest form of premeditated chemical assault; one which is being perpetrated upon the people around the world without cessation. Because of the severity and unrelenting nature of this harmful aerosolizing of our skies with toxic chemicals, we are compelled to move this advocacy in a whole new direction. This much more aggressive approach will be directed at revealing those individuals who are the philosophical promoters, scientific ‘heavyweights’ and political pushers of this dangerous transnational policy........



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Published on Sep 1, 2013

At the Bournemouth Air Festival i couldn't resist the opportunity to give a proper broadcast. The ladyfrom BBC Radio Solent, who filmed me, tried to wrench the microphone from my hands as i talked about Chemtrails.



Talk For Food 232: First Field Report of Large-Scale Water Structuring Device on Alfalfa

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Adam talks by phone with Jay Gutierrez, of Nighthawk Minerals, who oversaw the installation of a first-of-its-kind water structuring device, called the Rainmaker, from Greenfield Naturals, on a pivot irrigation system that was fed by an 8" line.

This conversation covers the first observations, 30 days after the installation on the alfalfa crop. The installation is in Pritchett, CO.

For more information, visit:

Night Hawk Minerals
Greenfield Naturals
Photonic Water Systems


Secret Government Programs! Chemtrails, Cloaked Craft,Three Guests Expose Agenda

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Guests: Mr. Jim Kerr, Mr. Sean Gautreaux, and film/photo/video analyzer Sherry Bunker (aka Ms. American Bunker!

Listen to the show right now! As you listen to the show, please scroll this article for referenced videos and still photos that are made throughout this entire program!
Click here for article!

Jim sends a letter to NASA (Mr. Rowland) inquiring about the use of chemtrails and receives an email back . Let's discuss why Jim feels Mr. Rowland evaded the issues. See the letter here: (NanoCraft) Military, Corporate, Alien or Demonic or all of the above?

The vast majority of craft do not seem to be solid objects. Their signatures at times appear solid but I have captured jets spraying chemtrails directly through the center of these craft indicating they are not solid objects.
Could some of these craft be some type of computer controlled nanotechnology, swarm technology? Maybe there is no cloaking, light bending technology associated with these craft. Maybe the swarm of nano particles form these shapes then the formation separates or dissipates . If these were solid, wouldn't there be mid air collisions with normal air traffic?
Advanced nanotechnology, metallurgy or biological? Or both? Could this be actual craft formed using some type of Nanotechnology / swarm technology. Intergraded Nano machine components for propulsion, for emitting cloud like material, toxins, smart dust.
Check this out:

see more at

Read All Article Here


Muscle Test Demonstration with Water Structuring Device from Greenfield Naturals

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Adam shows how kinesiology, in the form of muscle testing, confirms a change in strength when bottled and tap water are poured through a hand-held structuring device from Greenfield Naturals.

For more information, visit:


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