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Earthships Overview

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An overview of Earthship Biotecture. The ultimate in Green Buildings.


Escaping the Matrix -- 1/4

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Max Igan - Surviving The Matrix - 06/10/11
click read more button for the following parts.......


Truthjuice Festival 2011 - All You Need is Laughter

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Opening track is The Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight, Tonight (Dubstep Remix)
Because sometimes seeing a happy dog chasing bubbles in the sunshine can remind you that everything is OK.
The star of the festival was undoubtedly Ian Moore the inter-dimensional wizard. One of the most wonderful human beings I have met in a long time. Because of him I stood in the glow of a 240,000 volt TESLA COIL and ended up touching it with the tip of my finger. I recommend this to anyone.
Ian's website is


Get up Stand up - Bob Marley LIVE

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Bob Marley performing *Get up Stand up*
LIVE at Santa Barbara County bowl 1979
with the California Usa I would like to dedicate this song to you my dear friend Jahrun.


The World's First Bitcoin Road Trip

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Today we're joined by The Real Plato, a man who is currently on the world's first Bitcoin road trip. We discuss what Bitcoins are, how they work, how people can start using them, and what it's like doing a cross-country trip without spending a single piece of Federal Reserve funny money.


Everything is ok freeman on the land UK BANNED - Police, Camera, Action

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I think its very simplistic to be anti- police and that is NOT the purpose of this video as you will see.
As a result of some of your comments, I wanted to add that in my view he could indeed have arrested me if I didn't give him the details although he would have to have read me the law. Also, at the start I said I would remain silent and didn't ! I am not so good with silence ! However, one of the commentators asked how they could handle this sort of situation without my knowledge. What you could do is just say 'I have been advised to remain silent and simply be silent. If they ask for details you could give them the details and then go back to silence and the only other thing you can say is that you will not accept any paperwork.


waking up

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LAWFUL REBELLION Birkenhead court inside the court...

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Commonly known as dom gets great footage from inside the court, when freemen/woman tried to seize the court under article 61 of the magna carta. Dom talks to a cop who doesnt seem to know the law also see how the police are protecting the bankers intrest instead of the people.



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The media has not reported a sweeping revolution that is going global peale are staving the beast that fund their own oppression the finaces to Her Majesties private revenue enforcemen agencies is taking a hit the publics financial support to the military the police is being affected, the war of terror is loosing its grip on the east and the people as people wake up to the reality that are funding their own oppression and the illegal wars abroud peaceful lawful rebellion is gripping the world and the media are told to do a media blackout, any phots of these events or videos please send me link to inform the populous. Apparently courts fines offices police stations banks ATM speed cameras parking metres and many other unjust revenue agents have been affected any info let us know at our media offices so we can cover this event.


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