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Part 1/2 Doug & Don Newsom - The BBS Radio Guys

E-mail Print PDF Doug & Don Newsom the creators of BBSRadio joined us and talked about how one of the first and largest Internet radio stations with multiple Hosts was created. BBSRadio started as an emotional reaction to mainstream media and its inability to tell the truth or do any real reporting. Don started posting his political views on a Blog and eventually decided to start his own form of alternative media.His brother Doug while in the middle of a Kundalini experience Joined Don to help him run BBSRadio.BBSRadio became a remotely engineered talk radio station with 2 stations with over 50 hosts and one 24hr 7 day a week commercial free music channel that produces over 100 shows a week. They are building a new format that will revolutionize Internet Talk radio.All of Spectrum's Archived shows:

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Organic Teleportation, Telepathy, Law of One and Dec 2012

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In order to have Conscious Co-Creation on this planet, telepathy is required. Organic Teleportation is born and available to everyone when telepathy comes online. *Remember that everything is already connected from the quantum level on up!You will no longer be a single individual operating on an individual life.. I believe we all will merge into one being and begin operating as a singular mind on this planet.7 Billion souls will become one mind moving into the heart chakra. *The manifestation rate and speed dreams and desires coming true on this planet for everyone will be inconceivable and hard for most people to even believe as of right now, but when you become 7 billion people, operating from the heart...anything becomes possible :)
One Mind,One Love,
Oneness once Again


I'M AWAKE ( The Full Movie ) Totally Awesome!

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A Fantastic collaboration of youtubers from around the world.Remember to switch your video responses to this video and leave comments as well saying your awake. This is YOUR video, favorite, feature, and share with everyone... take it to the front page. Are you awake? Everyone doing their part to bring awareness to the world!


Rachel Corrie

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Rachel's bravery will never be forgotten. Everyday, more and more people become aware of Rachel's work in Palestine and the positivity she left behind. Her parents have tirelessly been working for the last 7 years to bring justice for the shocking and disgraceful behaviour shown by the Israeli and American governments regarding Rachel's death.I sincerely hope you will help Rachel, her parents and supporters by spreading this video and learning more about her. Please visit the Rachel Corrie Foundation:
Rachel Corrie Facebook fan page:
I'd like to give a huge thanks to THELIGHT for helping me with this video. Please subscribe to his channel:
Follow me on Facebook and Twitter!
Again, please help spread this video. Thank you.


Haiti 01.25.2011: Raw Footage

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Mike describes the outlaw septic tank and the roof insulation made out of garbage harvested from the streets of Port-au-Prince.


Bill Hicks - The Lost Hour

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The Zodiac Change and 2012

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Has Johnny finally lost his marbles? Tune in and see for yourself. ;)


Waking Life ( Full Movie )

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A boy has a dream that he can float, but unless he holds on, he will drift away into the sky. Even when he is grown up, this idea recurs. After a strange accident, he walks through what may be a dream, flowing in and out of scenarios and encountering various characters. People he meets discuss science, philosophy and the life of dreaming and waking, and the protagonist gradually becomes alarmed that he cannot awake from this confusing dream.

More Relevent Today Than Ever: Dr Martin Luther King, 'Why I Am Opposed to the War in Vietnam'

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Replace the word Vietnam with the country of your choice and I think this speech is more relevent today than ever before...
Speech by Martin Luther King, Jr. against the "triple evils of racism, economic exploitation, and militarism." Audio.This speech was released by Black Forum records, a subsidiary of Motown, and went on to win a Grammy in 1970 for the Best Spoken Word Recording.Excerpts of a Sermon at the Ebenezer Baptist Church on April 30, 1967.


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