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Open Minds

Mikkel Clair Nissen - Hour 1 - Psychopathic Narcissism & Pathological Collectivism in Denmark

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May 5, 2014
Mikkel Clair Nissen is an anti-collectivism activist and author of the book, Manipulism and the Weapon of Guilt: Collectivism Exposed, a controversial exposé and carefully detailed description of the awful emotional mind game that facilitates communism, socialism, and social-liberalism, known as collectivism. The book exposes Denmark, the supposed happiest nation on earth, for what it truly is: collectivism's biggest propaganda hoax. Danish author Mikkel Clair Nissen tells the hidden facts and realities of life in Denmark’s democratic-socialism that they don’t want you to know. We’ll hear about how he began waking up to the dark side of Denmark. Like a dysfunctional family, Danes are terribly insecure, compulsively corrected, policed, and regularly intimidated by each other. Known in psychology as pathological narcissism, these behaviors are a way of everyday life. He’ll talk about life in the collective within Scandinavian society. In the second hour, Mikkel elaborates on the psychology of what drives the Nordic society. We’ll discuss what is known in Nordic societies as “Jante Law,” which contains 10 rules. He talks about psychopathic narcissism and how inferiority makes superiority complex. Nissen also explains how the Nordic model has achieved neo-communism. Nordic people even turn on family and friends to defend the state. Later, he talks about how to bring children up to not be part of the pathological collective. In the collective, there is no such thing as individual achievement. Later, Mikkel talks about how this same type of collective is now threatening the US.

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Manipulism and the Weapon of Guilt: Collectivism Exposed


Ingunn Sigursdatter - Norway: Happiest Country on Earth Myth & Awakening the Norsemen

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April 14, 2014
Ingunn Sigurdsdatter, was born into a religious and politically active family. Her grandfather was a prominent Norwegian politician for 20 years and head of the Leftist Party. She has degrees in languages & social sciences. She has founded and co-founded three companies, taught at university, high school and alternative school. Ingunn also co-authored a book for children about Thor Heyerdahls crossing of the Pacific Ocean in a balsa fleet. She’ll discuss her profound change in direction that resulted in the decision to turn in her passport to the city mayor and relinquish her citizenship, causing much commotion in the national media. We’ll discuss the nefarious side of the praised Scandinavian social democracy. She’ll explain how Scandinavian society is engineered to create a citizen that loves their servitude and defends the state at all costs because they cannot see life without it. She points how Norway is The Brave New World. We’ll also discuss the government pension fund of Norway and the corporatization of the state turning human resource into a range of products to be sold on the market. In the second hour, Ingunn shares what happened when the Norwegian police showed up at her door because she was making and selling food without a permit. Later, we talk about unplugging from the system, anarchy, the Vikings and pre-Christian society in the Scandinavian countries. We’ll talk about why the Nordic countries have been so fiercely opposed and sought to be controlled.

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Battle of the Teutoburg Forest


The Astrology of April 2014 - New Paradigm?

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April has been heralded as an important month, with its two eclipses and another one of those Grand Crosses in cardinal signs, and I discuss that.

I think it is probably more important because it marks the official roll out of the New Paradigm and the promise it brings.

This video is somewhat speculative and, after I present my case, I leave it to the viewers to decided if the New Paradigm is a real thing and if it functions as advertised.

[A couple of settings on my videocam were bogus, hence the "irregularities" in the intro and outro.]


How to Steal an Airplane: From 9/11 to MH370

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Now that the MSM is flirting with the idea of "cyber hijacking" in the increasingly desperate search for MH370, many are left wondering how long the possibility of a remote control hijack has been possible and why the public hasn't been warned of this threat. Join us for this week's Eyeopener report as we examine the cyber hijacking issue and its connections to 9/11.


Jon King - Hour 1 - The Conspiracy Behind the Assassination of Princess Diana

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February 10, 2014
Jon King is a published author and optioned screenwriter with a background in music and journalism. For a good chunk of the 1990s and early 2000s he was editor of the popular high street magazines, UFO Reality and Odyssey, an enterprise which led to the publication of his first book, Cosmic Top Secret: The Unseen Agenda. He is probably best known for his two top-selling books Princess Diana: The Evidence and Princess Diana: The Hidden Evidence, with co-author John Beveridge. His latest book, The Cut-Out, is an autobiographical spy thriller based on the true story of how he was set up by MI6 in the cover-up operation that followed Princess Diana’s death. In the first hour, we discuss the details of Princess Diana’s assassination. In the second hour, Jon talks about how he was drawn into the conspiracy surrounding Diana's death and the unwitting role he became earmarked to play in the conspiracy. He speaks more about the source giving him information about a “high profile” assassination that was to occur. King also details how the MI6 and CIA have been seeking to use non-mainstream press and media in order to have them disseminate information. This has been done in an effort to try to ridicule these stories as rumors and crazy conspiracy theories, despite the core of truth in the information shared. This gives us an interesting insight into how security agencies work and that insiders, anonymous sources and whistleblowers might still be in the business of doing the bidding of the agencies they claim they are speaking out against.


Part I & II - Ole Dammegard: Assassinations of John Lennon & Bob Marley - CIA Operation 40 & Musicians

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Part I - Ole Dammegard: Assassinations of John Lennon & Bob Marley - CIA Operation 40 & Musicians

Part 2 - Ole Dammegard: Assassinations of Whitney Houston & Jimmy Hendrix


Byron Belitsos: The end of the Lucifer rebellion and the coming of the Avatar of our Age

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Published on Dec 24, 2013

Byron Belitsos: The end of the Lucifer rebellion and the coming of the Avatar of our Age


Urantia Book


Jesse Ventura - The Assassination of JFK & American Geopolitics

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November 22, 2013
Jesse Ventura is the former Independent governor of Minnesota. He is also a former US Navy Frogman, professional wrestler, movie actor, visiting fellow at Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and New York Times bestselling author. He was the host and executive producer for TruTV's Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura. He'll discuss his new book, They Killed Our President: 63 Reasons to Believe There Was a Conspiracy to Assassinate JFK. 2013 marks the fifty-year anniversary of the tragic event that changed the way citizens view the honesty and integrity of their government. Today, the majority of Americans believe the government was involved in both the assassination and the cover-up. According to a 2003 Gallup poll, 75 percent of Americans believe some kind of conspiracy occurred. We'll discuss absurdities and suspicious behavior surrounding the case against Lee Harvey Oswald, who was accused by the Warren Commission to be behind the assassination of JFK, despite denying the involvement and not spending a single day in court. Two days later, while being transferred from police headquarters to the county jail, Oswald was shot and killed by Jack Ruby in full view of television cameras broadcasting live. Later, we'll discuss current politics, including foreign policy, political parties, gun control and one world government. Jesse ends speaking about the words of the America forefathers who reminded us to remain vigilant in order to keep the country intact.


Mark Passio - Hour 1 - Holistic Brain & “New” Age Deception

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November 8, 2013
Mark Passio is an independent researcher, public speaker, radio talk show host, conference organizer and freedom activist from Philadelphia, PA. Mark has undertaken the task of assembling vast amounts of research in the areas of metaphysics, occultism, spirituality, symbology and consciousness studies. In the first hour, Mark discusses an integral approach to truth gathering that utilizes both hemispheres of the brain. He'll explain how a holistic full brain aggregates information. We'll talk what he calls the "5 boxes for consciousness," including the new age movement, rigid scientism, religion and the monetary system that require a belief outside yourself. We discuss aspects of left/right brain imbalance and how to keep in the center hemisphere of your brain, which is the best place to learn and take action. In the member's hour, we discuss the biggest deceptions in the new age movement such as: avoiding the negative, never getting angry, the idea that we're all one and in this together, solipsism, acceptance of everything, the laws of attraction, false notions of forgiveness, chaos as a fearful thing, enlightenment, truth doesn't need to be defended and the savior is coming. Mark details the deceptions weaved into each one of these aspects.

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Klaus Bernpaintner - Hour 1 - A Swedish Lesson in Conformity & Control

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October 21, 2013
Klaus Bernpaintner is a Senior Fellow of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, Sweden, an entrepreneur and a former financial analyst. He earned an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business, USA, and an MSc from the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. He joins us to discuss modern problems created by government. He shares how true economics is the strongest proof against government. We'll focus on Swedish politics, economics and collectivist "solutions" as the Nordic model is being praised and promoted to the United States. Klaus dismantles the common misbelief that Swedish citizens get "free stuff." Since Sweden has the most centralized government in the world with the 2nd highest tax rate burden in the world, we investigate into the supposed claim that Sweden is the "happiest country in the world" and look into the results of socialist ideology. We also discuss fake privatization of businesses and how government regulation creates corruption, yet the people wrongfully blame free market capitalism. In the second hour, we discuss what creates the narrow bandwidth of perspective in a society like Sweden. We discuss how centralized government operates to shape and control behavior of the masses. Klaus explains how "family policy" is being used to control the choices families make. In a collectivist society, the inhabitants cannot see the value of taking charge of one's own destiny. Klaus returns to economic fascism to expose how government creates disastrous effects. He explains why entrepreneurs are leaving Sweden. Later, we critique not only Sweden's healthcare system but Obamacare. We can predict just how this will end. Although global politics seems to be closing in around us and although we may be in for a bumpy ride, Klaus leaves a positive message about the long term.

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