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UFO Hacker Gary McKinnon talks about NASA Hack

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Computer hacker Gary McKinnon, whose extradition to the US was blocked, will not face charges in the UK, bringing to an end a 10-year legal battle.Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer QC said the chances of a successful conviction were "not high".Janis Sharp, Mr McKinnon's mother, said the news was "amazing" and she was grateful the case was "all over now".Mr McKinnon, 46, admits accessing US government computers but says he was looking for evidence of UFOs.The US Department of Justice said it would continue to collaborate with the UK government on a "wide range of shared concerns".Mr Starmer announced the decision not to prosecute some three months after Home Secretary Theresa May stopped Mr McKinnon's extradition.


G. Edward Griffin - The Collectivist Conspiracy

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December 13, 2012
G. Edward Griffin is a writer and documentary film producer with many successful titles to his credit. He is well known because of his talent for researching difficult topics and presenting them in clear terms that all can understand. He has dealt with such diverse subjects as archaeology and ancient Earth history, the Federal Reserve System and international banking, terrorism, internal subversion, the history of taxation, U.S. foreign policy, the science and politics of cancer therapy, the Supreme Court, and the United Nations. Mr. Griffin is a graduate of the University of Michigan where he majored in speech and communications. He is also the creator of the Reality Zone Audio Archives, and is President of American Media, a publishing and video production company. Don’t miss this excellent hour as we cover the collectivist conspiracy, including the ideology and nature of a collectivist. We’ll hear about Cecil Rhodes, and the secret society most have no clue about. But first Mr. Griffin explains how the anger of the Occupy movement was misdirected. We also address the subject of capitalism. G. Edward explains how collectivism, replaced capitalism in America a long time ago. We’ll cover the model of collectivism and how it manifests. Mr. Griffin warns of "full term collectivism, "100% government and 0% freedom that will end in totalitarianism. We’ll also talk about Soviet Russia, communism and draw parallels with American and Europe today. The hour ends discussing people’s fear of freedom. G. Edward Griffin offers a solution in the end.

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The Collectivist Conspiracy
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The Bankers Manifesto of 1892


12/21/2012 Are We Gonna Die Or What??

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What the deal is and what to expect? I can't say that I found any solid evidence that anything in particular will definitely happen on that specific day, but there is plenty of evidence that something major is coming soon for the earth and its inhabitants.
Radio show:

Linda Wests' website:
Youtube channel:

Jim Vieira at TEDx talk:

Drunvalo Melchidezek's book 'The Mayan Ourobouros'


Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura S03E03 Time Travel

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Time travel and teleportation have long been popular modes of transportation in science fiction. H.G. Wells' book, The Time Machine, was published in 1898 and launched a science-fiction time-travel genre that has spawned dozens of wildly successful and diverse entertainments, from action-horror films like The Terminator series, to lighthearted teen comedies like Back to the Future and Hot Tub Time Machine. In 1966, Star Trek made its television debut and the teleportation directive, "Beam me up, Scotty," entered the pop-culture lexicon.

Like time travel, teleportation was used to tell a variety of different stories. The mutant Nightcrawler, from the X-Men comic books and films, used his powers of teleportation to assist his fellow mutants in a swashbuckling struggle for survival, while director David Cronenberg brilliantly used the technology as a backdrop for his 1986 remake of The Fly.

But according to some conspiracy theorists, surfing the space-time continuum is more than just a fictional flight to the '50s in a souped-up DeLorean—it is a terrifying reality. They claim it all began with a series of bizarre, top-secret experiments during World War II and continue in underground government laboratories to this very day.


John Major Jenkins - Hour 1 - 2012 Galactic Alignment & The End of the Mayan Calendar

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December 9, 2012
John Major Jenkins is an independent researcher who has devoted himself to reconstructing ancient Mayan cosmology and philosophy. Since beginning his odyssey of research and discovery with the Maya, John has authored dozens of articles and many books. As a spearheading researcher, he is best known for his works that theorize certain astronomical and esoteric connections of the calendar systems used by the Maya civilization of pre-Columbian Mesoamerica. In the first hour, John presents his galactic alignment theory. He’ll cover the cosmic mythology associated to the sun’s alignment, moving to the place of rebirth in the center of the Milky Way galaxy. We are approaching a point of transformation and renewal, a new beginning. Jenkins explains how Mayan teachings can still be beneficial today. In the member’s hour, we’ll discuss Mayan astronomy, symbolism and inscriptions that reference the 2012 date. John speaks about shared knowledge between ancient cultures arising from shamanic consciousness. Then, we’ll talk about what’s after 2012. Jenkins shares his last comments as 2012 comes to an end.
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John Major Jenkins introducing the "Izapa-2012 Monument Park" near Tuxtla Chico
December solstice 2012: 21 Dec 11:12 (UTC)
The Naval Observatory change the winter solstice on 21-12-2012 at 11:11 to 11:12 - Why?
Tortuguero (Maya site)


Neil Kramer - Unfolding 2012 pt.1-4

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Nov.29th, 2012

Peter Tongue talks to Neil Kramer on Awakening To Conscious Co-Creation radio.Unfolding in the modern world, not bowing to authority of any kind, resisting the temptation to follow the doctrines of others, recognizing reality as the difficult thing that it sometimes is, the true nature of events in the news and their metaphysical significance, perceiving the truth in political and military affairs, the dangerous illusion of Obama, constitutional dishonor, forbidden conversations, the shadow of disownment, the cracking open of 2012 in personal lives, the emergence of mass telepathy.


THE NEWS Live: Countdown to December 21, 2012

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Streamed live on Dec 7, 2012

THE NEWS Live: Countdown to December 21, 2012
Dec. 21, 2012 is a consciousness and dimensional shift Marketing Triumph.


Alex Collier - Radio Interview with Rebecca Jernigan - 11th September 2012

E-mail Print PDF - Alex Collier's two hour Q&A interview with Rebecca Jernigan on 11th September 2012.


Dr Judy Wood by Anne Hess

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Dr Judy Wood appeared at the Breakthrough Energy Movement conference at Hilversum, in Nov 2012. Interviewed by Anne Hess from Norway, Centres for Peaceful CoExistence. Dr Wood states thata Tesla type weapon was unleashed on the Twin Towers, and our consciousness was manipulated into believing then winged planes were able to cut through feet thick steel. Discussing her book Where Did The Towers Go, see Bases 12 with Andrew Johnson.Many issues for discussion. Also see her interview with the AMMACH Project out soon.


Dee Smith - The End of a Precessional Cycle

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November 28, 2012
Dee Smith, hosts a talk radio program called Sirius Rising along with Danny Wilten. She also runs a Youtube channel called Thyalwaysseek. We’ll begin the discussion about the government control system in Australia, including Internet censorship. Then, we’ll talk about Earth changes and the general state of the world. She also shares her research into mythologies from ancient cultures and tells how they are relaying the stories of our time as we move into a new era. We’ll discuss what this new era is as we come to the end of this precessional cycle.


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