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Open Minds

Is Humanity on the verge of extinction? Patrick Jordan & Dr. Spencer answer the BIG questions!

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Our guests today are author and Researcher Patrick Jordan and Dr. Wil Spencer. Today they both raised questions that the public rarely even considers about their health and the toxic environment that we all now live in. Patrick and Dr. Spencer dive into the cancer myths, GMO's, malnutrition, and vaccines. Solutions for the public are also brought into this conversation, solutions that every single human being should be educated on. Pay special attention to what these men have to say, it will surely blow your mind.


Richard Alan Miller - Hour 1 - The Non-Local Mind in Holographic Reality

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November 25, 2012
Richard Alan Miller, PhD is a physicist, herbalist, horticulturalist, author of 7 books, and former special skills trainer for the US Navy Seals. Miller began his military work as an original black ops team-member in the "X-Files" world of Navy Intel (Seal Corp. and then MRU) in the late 60s. Miller is the author of numerous foundational papers, including "A Holographic Concept of Reality" and "Embryonic Holography." He shares his experiences, conclusions and insider info from his days as an A-team physicist working for the military. Richard also explains how our non-local minds work in this holographic concept of reality. He talks about the importance of controlling our mind to create reality. Then, he’ll tell us about synthetic reality, cloning emotions, through wall surveillance and altered states of consciousness. In the second hour, Richard tells us about an entity he saw at Groom Lake, Area 51. We’ll talk about Mars, Morgellons disease and bacteria created by Monsanto, a former weapons company, which can be used to control thoughts. Later, we discuss the Schumann Resonance, DMT, ketamine and changing beliefs to see the effected results.

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The Krill Reports Introduction


Catherine Austin Fitts by Anne Hess

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The Breakthrough Energy Conference with Anne Hess interviewing the wonderful Catherine Austin Fitts.


Mayan explanation of what will happen on 21st December 2012

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Ac Tah, of the Mayan people, gave a talk in Santa Monica last month. In this exert he speaks about what is happening around December 21st 2012 and it's significance to the world. His heritage is authentic. Check out his website for lots more information and to see the work Ac Tah and a lot of other dedicated people are doing....


David Griffin AMMACH Presentation

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Exopolitics UK and AMMACH Project researcher David Griffin gives a detailed presentation on Alien Languages, and Human Cognitive processes in this final AMMACH Project conference lecture, in Sept 2012, at Nottingham's Britannia Hotel.Introduced by project founder Joanne Summerscales, this event closes the first conference for the project. David has given a major BASES Researchers series AMMACH briefing on Sentient Fluid, or Black Goo , based on Falklands War data and the Marconi Deaths scandal, earlier this year in Bases 17 . Video clips and stills supplied by David for his presentation.


Steven Kelley - Lasers, Cavers & Magic

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November 14, 2012  radio3fourteen

Steven Kelley, an inventor and laser pioneer, has worked in the defense industry and founded S.K.Industries, the producer of Law17 laser aiming systems used by law enforcement and military. He was a contractor for the NSA, and has worked on projects for the CIA. During this time, Steven was exposed to Billy Meier, ETs, beam ships, alien politics and technology. Steven is the author of "Lasers, Cavers & Magic.” He’ll tell his story of how he was approached to be recruited by a secret group he calls, “the cavers.” Steven shares his knowledge of highly advanced technology, UFOs, aliens and government conspiracy. Later, we discuss developing psychic skills and preparing for a new evolutionary cycle with higher density energy.
Websites: Lasers Cavers & Magic
Music: The New Law - Tired of Feeling Like This


My 7 Year Journey - Paris Tosen

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Tosen shares his journey since first being visited in November 2005.


Carol de la Herran - Hour 1 - Robert Monroe & Altered States of Consciousness

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November 11, 2012
Carol de la Herran holds degrees in Psychology, Law, an MBA (Master of Business Administration) in International Marketing and a doctorate of Energy Medicine. For the last 22 years, she has been associated with The Monroe Institute as a Professional Member and on the Board of Advisors and now as the Executive Director/President. We’ll discuss Robert Monroe and many of his ideas concerning out of body experiences, consciousness doorways, life after death and Hemi-Synch. In the second hour, we discuss where OBE’s take you, also if a possible gateway into other worlds lies within the brain. Carols says it’s common to meet other intelligent sentient entities while in an altered state of consciousness. Monroe called one of these beings which he met, Inspec. De la Herran continues on The Gateway Experiment. She also explains how the work at the Monroe institute connects with Michael Persinger’s "God Helmet," which was designed to question the validity of religious experiences and consciousness studies. Later, Carol speaks about brain waves, astral travel and the connection to DMT.

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Rhine Research Center
Research Triangle
Neuroscientist Dr. Michael Persinger Discovers Telepathy
Altered state of consciousness
Downloads at


Randy Powell - Hour 1 - Vortex Based Mathematics & The ABHA Torus

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November 8, 2012
Expanding on the work of Marko Rodin, Randy Powell explains vortex math and the ABHA Torus from the beginning. Randy says with Vortex-Based Mathematics we will be able to see how energy is expressing itself mathematically. This math has no anomalies and shows the dimensional shape and function of the universe as being a toroid or donut-shaped black hole. He says this is the template for the universe and it is all within our base ten decimal system. He also shares his take on black holes, God, creation and information. In the second hour, we discuss how Vortex-Based Mathematics is universally applicable in mathematics, science, biology, medicine, genetics, astronomy, chemistry, physics and computer science. Randy speculates that it could lead to incredible breakthroughs, including free energy technologies and artificial intelligence. He’ll explain how the Vortex Coil works. Later, we talk about tapping into the "9" and how math proves there is a will, a plan for us.

Relevant links


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